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Welcome To the Club/Stock Listing

To Help you all to find a stock and club faster and easier

How to List a Club

  • Send a note with the Subject 'Club Listing'

  • In the Note Please Specify in what categories and subcategory you wish to list your club NO DESCRIPTION NEEDED!
  • In the Note Enter links or icons of your clubs you wish to list


Example: Hello,
We would like to be listed under category/categories, sub category

How To List a Stock

  • Send a note with the Subject 'Stock Listing'

  • In the Note Enter Links or Icons of your Stock

  • In the Note Please Specify in which categories your stock should be in

Example: Hello,
We would like to be listed under categories etc. etc.

How to put your Orphan/Dead Club up for adoption

  • Send a note with the subject 'Adoption'

  • In it write a description of the dead club

  • and your contact details, (dev account/email)

  • any requirements you need from the new owner

How to put a Club that is in need of Administrators lists

  • Send a note with the subject 'Admin'

  • In it write what is needed of a admin

  • and the club thats in need of a admin, together with the owners username

Example: Hello,
We are in need of an submission|member|general admin,
here is the club :iconclubname:, he/she is required to have knowledge of submitting in clubs, handling members, handling the whole club. They should contact :icon owner: or :icon club:

thank you

Clubs According To Category

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OhMyFeathers-1901 Feb 16, 2011  Student General Artist
Love films? Love fan art? Love BOTH?

glimpen Jul 18, 2010  Student General Artist
:iconfuturedisneyartists: ??
CharmedSerenity Jun 7, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
More or less just made these two.

:iconyoungsamuraiclub: and :icontapsghosthunters:
:iconcoffee-lovers: is seeking a new administrator, and there haven't been any volunteers yet. Do read the journal there and note me if interested!
NutKayss Oct 15, 2009   General Artist
:iconwinddeath: is in need of a new administrator. Please contact me if you're interested.
artguitarist453 Oct 9, 2009  Student
I try joining clubs but i never get in becuase i want get a reply back? :tears:
What are the clubs you are trying to join?

They could be closed clubs, or maybe you aren't following the correct procedures for whatever clubs you are trying to join.
artguitarist453 Oct 18, 2009  Student
Their was the stephen king club the music club the black metal club the elfen lied club the anti twilight club the jason fan club the freddy fan club the micheal myers fan club the elfen lied fan club

i left a comment can i join?, nobody answered then i left a note, nobody answers!!!! how can that many clubs be CLOSED?!
There are hundreds of closed clubs ^^; Lots of people start fan clubs then desert them after only a short while. Also this club-listing is a dead club. ~TheList is an active club directory, which also runs the clubSEARCH :below:

If you have a fast internet you can search clubs here --> [link] <-- and order them on how active they are.

I couldn't find any Stephen King clubs, or elfen clubs, or jason/freddy/myers clubs, only one metal music club ~MetaLovers, one anti twilight club ~Anti-Twilight-Movie
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